The camera is very special to me; it has always intrigued me with its ability to capture and save moments we cherish. As a minimalist I have very little in the way of equipment. I shoot with a Canon 7D and a second handwater housing. A simple image of the right wave, or a smile may bring us joy every time we see it. I find happiness in searching for these beautiful moments of life and capturing them to share with the community.  

The natural world has always invoked a sense of beauty and awe to me so my photography reflects that. Living on the South shore of Oahu with the ocean as my playground, I have been finding myself most often wanting to be in the water.  The ocean is one of the most magnificent and mystifying forces on this planet.  At times, it might even seem magic. Through my attempts to capture this emotion and excitement I feel more connected to the magic. My purpose behind photography is to share the amazing beauty of water with you. More than anything my images reflect an attempt to capture an ever-changing natural world and share apassion for its beauty.


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